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Together United

Blake Willoughby is committed to the importance of community input and by serving a second term on the Columbia Public Schools’ Board of Education he believes that together united with you, we can achieve continued success.

About Blake

Educator & Researcher: Blake is an educational researcher and doctoral student in the Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis program at the University of Missouri. He is a college instructor teaching future K12 educators on various processes. One process taught is the life-long journey of continually educating oneself to be a culturally competent educator.

Experienced Board Leadership: Blake has served multiple roles during his three years on the Board:

  • Chair | Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee | 2021-22
  • CPS Delegate | Missouri School Boards’ Association (MSBA) | 2021-22
  • Representative | Columbia Public Schools Foundation | 2021-22
  • Member | Policy Committee | 2021-22
  • Member | Finance Committee | 2019-21
  • CPS Delegate Alternate | MSBA | 2019-21
  • Member | Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee | 2019-20

Community Service: Blake has been serving Columbia for over 5 years. Beyond his service on the Board, he currently serves as :

  • 6th Ward Commissioner | City’s Housing & Community Development Commission

Prior to joining the Board, his past service included:

  • Vice Chair | City’s Substance Abuse Advisory Commission | 2017-20
  • Member | City’s Public Transit Advisory Commission | 2018-19

Accomplishments on the Board

Long-Range Facilities ADA Goal

Blake’s work with the administration helped make changes to the 10 Year Long-Range Facilities Plan. This new goal actively in meaningful ways shows the commitment CPS has towards accessibility for our students, staff, and families in our physical structures across the district.

50+ Hours of Community Forums

The commitment to community input is a real value Blake believes must be held by board members. He is the ONLY current member of the CPS Board of Education that has dedicated over 50 hours towards open forum community listening sessions since being elected in April 2019.

$2 Million for ADA Improvements

These funds helped move the Jeff Middle School Elevator project forward. In addition to the new facilities goal, Blake worked with the administration in supporting new language for the 2020 and ALL bonds in the foreseeable future to allocate funds towards ADA improvements.

Teacher Pay Raises

The Board has efficiently utilized the taxpayer supported levy increase in 2016 to improve our educational environments and teacher salaries. Blake has approved a total average increase over the three years of $3,050 to teacher salaries. An 8.5% increase to the base salary from $36,000 to $39,050.

Hourly Wage Raises

In the Board’s efficient usage of taxpayer dollars, we have been able to attract excellent support staff. Blake has approved a total average increase over the three years of $1.8/hr to hourly wages. A 17% increase to the lowest hourly rate from $10.55/hr to $12.35/hr.

BoCo Nature School

The Board has been collaborating for years to bring to life a vision of a Nature School to serve ALL students in Boone County. Blake fully believes in place-based learning and approved the allocation of $2 Million to the construction of the Boone County Nature School.

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